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Hallan.com is Hallan Consulting Group's Internet presence. Hallan Consulting Group is a highly talented partnership of  experienced IT professionals along the U.S. West Coast.  Each Hallan Associate is committed to providing cost effective business solutions for companies, small offices, or individuals desiring to do web site development, e-commerce, or internet related IT projects. Today, with so much hype and confusion over what the internet can and can't do for a company,  Hallan found it useful to provide common sense, effective approaches to a company's system development and internet needs. We believe "simple is good" and are committed to making "simple" effective

Think of the times in your work place that you have seen  complex and inefficient processes.  If this is what you're facing today, we would welcome an opportunity to work with you to work through it.  We have a number of  case studies we will explain to you for problems you're facing that we have most likely solved in the past.  At the same time we will look at the latest technologies to take advantage of creative new solutions for you today.

The Hallan Team believes in being paid from the savings they create for their clients and from the extra income their involvement produces. This is initially done by working with you in  identifying straight-forward solution to areas that are the most cost effective to improve upon (remember complex and inefficient). If you are in a business situation that is in need of process development or redesign, contact us for a fresh approach.   Hallan Consulting Group have specialties in the following areas:

Efficiency Auditing Website Development Research for online grocery
purchase & delivery
Database Development and Administration Digital Imaging ASP & XML Programming

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If you are an IT professional interested in joining the Hallan Consulting Group and...

* have web page design and development experience
* have  personal case studies of efficiency solutions
* are willing to fight needless complexity and work to keep things simple
* are self motivated
* feel comfortable working almost exclusively by e-mail and phone conferences
* have been employed in the data processing or graphic arts profession since at least 1993
* live on the Pacific Rim or Europe

We would be interested in discussing opportunities with you regarding joining our team.
contact  opportunities@hallan.com