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Hallan Consulting


You know there are problems in your business that are stopping it from running as smoothly as possible.  Some problems you can live with, and some problems, over time will kill your business.   Hallan consultants believe that the problems in your business can be broken down into smaller problems that are no more complicated to solve than the puzzle at the bottom of this page.  You can solve it  yourself or have someone do it for you.  If the problem solver 

  • has a defined goal 
  • a reasonable schedule 
  • and is persistent

the problem gets resolved and your business runs better (Think about it.. it is that simple).  Doing it yourself takes time, and time is money.   Let a Hallan Consultant  analyze and find solutions to the desktop, Internet or efficiency problem your business is facing now. We will give you straight answers without the hype. Contact us now at.


Move the disks one at a time to another post so that you eventually have the whole stack on another post. You cannot put a larger disk on top of a smaller disk... go for it!


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