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as in Morton High School

(the real intuitive classmates recognize this backgrounds as bricks from the high school!!)


  Only 427 days until our 50th Reunion


Big Honkin' Softball Float Video
at Pumpkin Festival
Big Honkin' Softball Trophy Picture at DQ

Our MHS75 50th Reunion is in the planning stages.
(We are planning to have one.. that's our plan so far) :)
Email us if you have ideas.
We might do something for our 49th (this year)
Make sure your email is accurate for the latest updates.
Subject line of emails should always contain some reference to "MHS75"


Important for hearing about reunion info

is that big enough?? :)  You don't even need your little glasses to read that.


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Noteable .. and every so often revolving quotes.  Send us yours.

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, body totally used up, worn out, picture of family in one hand, chocolate in the other, screaming "WHOO, HOO" what a ride!"

It used to be absolutely necessary to win, but due to the aging process and a rapidly deteriorating set of parts, I have adjusted to losing to lesser human beings than myself.

The one who is not content with what he has, will not be content with what he would like to have.

oh yeah..and here's a good article you ought to read.
and here's another one.  

   Class of 75 Rocks!!  
we just Rock a little slower and we Creak when we Rock


Hello MHS Class of 75 Classmate. Glad you made it here!

Enjoy the links and pictures below.


5 Year Program

Need Pictures

10 Year Program

Need Pictures

15 Year

Did we do a Program for our 15th??
Looking for any 15 year Program and pictures

20 Year

No Program but thanks to Mark Olson we have some pictures

25 Year program

and a few pictures

Click here for 30 Year E-Booklet

Click here for  Pictures

Click here for 35 year

Go to Facebook for Pictures

40 Year

Looking for the 40 year booklet...

I'm sure we'll find it :)

for now go to Facebook for pictures

45 Year

It was Covid!
Everyone had a mask on.

I'm sure there are a few pictures on facebook  

50 Year

TBD :)

Can you believe how time marches on??


Grade School pics.. yes our Moms didn't throw away anything.

This is the an online place where we can attempt to keep in contact with each other and class happenings despite what part of the state, country or world we live in.



Footnote:  About the "best class" thing.  You may not realize it but ever since 1975 our class has repeatedly won the "MHS all class invitational softball tournament" (see footnote to the footnote). This is the single determining factor that shows the class of MHS75 to be superior!.    We even have a picture of us with the softball trophy in front of the Morton Dairy Queen.. and everyone knows that sign does not lie!!!... ha.. that oughta'  silence those naysayers!!.

Footnote to the Footnote: Other classes have complained that they didn't know there was an annual MHS all class invitational softball tournament, and that they find it highly suspicious that our class organizes the event.  This can be attributed to all the other MHS classes being a bunch of whiners!  Sufficient documentation to convince any doubter of MHS75 accomplishments and claim to the big honkin' softball trophy is available anytime from the MHS75 class vault.  (See disclaimer)

Disclaimer:  Due to personal identity theft issues we have had to tighten security on the vault.  Currently it's only open upon 6 weeks notice on Tuesday's from 2:30-2:35.  To request access please send a credit card number, birthdate,  SS # and mothers maiden name to the class of 75, we'll be right with you......  as soon as we get back from our cruise.


 Some of the Committee members
(check the email page to get the latest email on these folks)
Jeff Keach
Gary Horn
Chris Ackerman
Sandy (Nelson) Lynch
Doug Shull
Susan (Taylor) O'Rourke
Janet (Moley) Wilcox
Debi (Garner) Coho
Debbie (Gleason) McCrackern
Rob Preston
Kay (Grisham) O'Neal
Gloria (Widlowski) McCollum
Mark Olson
Jim Adair
Steve Stanford
Most importantly.. YOU!! (hey we need everyone)

Highly compensated reunion consultant and forever reunion chairman Tim Wiggers

Good link to Morton (ALL CLASS) High School page
(Other years send me a better link and I'll include it here as well as directions to the annual softball game. ;)  )